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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LOUISIANA PURCHASE LOUISIANA PURCHASE Napoleon Bonaparte rose in political power after being in the military and had ambitious plans to rebuild the French Empire after the French Revolution. Thomas Jefferson, a founding farther and writer of the Constitution, was in office, and was building up a good government after the Revolutionary War. France was slow to put good use to the Louisiana Territory, but Napoleon saw the potential the area, that stretched from the Mississippi River to the border of Canada, with its great ports and vast lands to store goods. The U.S promised people land after the Revolution, but France kicked them out after the Treaty of Pickney. Jefferson writes to James Madison soon after saying that if Napoleon tried attacking the U.S, they would be forced to ask Britian for help. When Napoleon offered Jefferson the land, he spent hours pouring over the Constitution, and people got angry because they thought he ought to just expect it, but he was worried it wasn't Constitutional. After Napoleon's catastrophic mistake with Russia, he loses money, land, and men and is desperate to pay off debt, and there is only one solution he can think of.He is forced to sell the massive land of the Louisiana Territory, espescially after yellow fever and slave rebellions break out. Jefferson ended up buying the land for 15 million dollars, and it was the biggest accomplishment of both his two terms. Napoleon fell from power, and as did the French Empire. We gained 15 states, rivers and mountains. The XYZ affair might have been important, but does it even come close to what the Louisiana Purchase gave us? The land included in the Louisiana Purchase Infographic By: Lucy, Arlly, and Murielle
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