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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 That is pretty much how it goes on the island. If there isn't any fire, there obvioulsy isn't any smoke, and if there isn't any smoke, noody will notice them. They could be stuck for forever without fire. "No fire; no smoke; no rescue" (184) "We'll let the fire burn out now. Who would see smoke at nighttime, anyways?" (43) They need to make sure that they use their tools and resources carefully. They don't want to run out of everything and see a ship and not be able to have a fire. That wouldn't be good at all. "I've been watching the sea. There hasn't been the trace of a ship. Perhaps we'll never be rescued." (43) Since they have been on the island for a good amount of time and haven't seen a ship yet, that probably isn't a good sign. But they shouldn't give up on being rescued because then they might not make it as long. If they stay focused they will evenually get out of the island. "For hunting, like in war, you know--dazzle paint" (63). The hunters are using paint to help them camouflage themselve from the pigs. In a case where they are being hunted, they could use it to fide from the hunters. This is a very useful tool for survival. It can be used to gather food and hide from preditors. Now theres no water. The shells are dry. People drink from the river (79). Water is one of the essentials for survival. without it for several days, you could die. With the lack of fresh and clean water to drink, that isn't going to end well. If they could make a bowl out of the shell and boil the river water, that could get a lot of the germs out of it. Atleast they will have kind of clean water. "Can't you see we ought to--ought to die before we let the fire burn out" (81). By saying this, Ralph means that the fire is the number one priorety. Without it, there is no chance of being rescued. They need people to know that they are there. I believe that they should have agroup of people that rotate time to watch the fire. "Piggy himslef removed his one glass, knelt down on one knee and focused the sun on tinder" (130). "Simon's dead body moved out towards the open sea" (154). I don't kow if the group has realized Piggy is one of the main reasons they are still alive. Without his glasses, they wouldn't be able to have a fire. Fire is a key part of surviving and without Piggy, they wouldn't have that resource. I think that Simons death has a lot to do with survival. People need to be careful of who they trust becuase they never know when they could be killed for some excuse. Someone who is responsible needs to take charge and stand up to Jack. Which I think Ralph os the perfect person. " A naval officer stoof on the sand, looking down at Ralph in wary astonishment" (200). Now all their problems have been solved for survival. All that they have been through has paid off and their tools and techniques worked out really well. I think that they took it was too far at the end of the book though. " 'Your only hope is keping a signal fire going as long as there's light to see. Then maybe a ship'll notice the smoke and come and rescue us and take us home' " (178). That is really all that they can do for now. They have no other way to get in touch with anyone. This relates to survival because it is the main thing they are doing to get rescued Lord of the Flies Reading Focus Lord of the Flies Reading Focus Noah Dupree (Survival) Thesis: In the Lord of The Flies, William Golding uses the focus of survival throughout the book to show how the boys are able to stay alive and in good condition, with some deaths but not survival related.
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