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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 being different is not always a bad thing. Theme Objective summary plot Mother wolf wanted to keep her one pup he hada splayed paw. But shewolf didn't want any weak links inthe pack so she banished him. In the beginning of this book a mother wolf is about to have puppies she was searchingfor a den when she finallyfinds one she gives birth to a single pup. But she notices he has a splayed paw and it is weak. She tries to hidehim but she wolf finds himand banishes him. In the middle of the storythe little wolf pup is left to die. But a bear whosecub was killed wonders by and finds him she decides to take himin as her own she nameshim fallen. Fallengrows really big andstrong and his splayedpaw has grown to be his strongest limb but he still feelsdifferent. His bear mother is much bigger than he isand he doesn't get it he cant help but think this is not his real mother. In the end of the story/climax fallenis a grown wolf now. He goes out in search of his real mother he walks for months on end with no sighof her. But just when he was abut to give up he smells a familiar scent he follows it for miles then he comes across a pack of wolfsand when he finds out whichwolf its coming from he walks up to her and she starts to jump up and just happier than ever her long lost son has returned to the pack. But the leader of pack is not happy aboutthis and challenges fallen.Fallen excepts they start to fight to the death fallenslashed the wolf pack leader with his splayedpaw then leaps on top of him he squeals thefight is over fallen has won!Fallen is now the leader of his own pack and roams the hills and lives happily ever after with his pack. Setting The story takes place inthe beyond. It relatesto my Theme because Fallen roams in the beyondtrying to find his mother and he has to fight offtoo wolfs that where tryingto take his food. They sawthat he had a splayed pawand thought they could just walk up and take fallen'sfood so fallen showed them he wasnt weak at all andkilled one of them. Wolves of the Beyond by: Kathryn Lasky Character The main character of mystory is Fallen he was bornwith a splayed paw and banished because the packcould not afford to have any weak links in the pack. This relates to my theme because they banished him because he was diffrent anddiffretn isnt always a bad thing
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