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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Elizabeth Scott Nerds and Geeks typically getplaced as the same types of people. However there are many differences between the two. Author Author when wasit published? Favorite Quote MAINCHARACTERS IMAGE Clothes image This image represent the girl name Alice. How she was a lonely girl since the day that she got kidnapped by Ray five years ago. Alice did not have anyone to talk to but herself and Ray at times. September 2,2008 Alice is the main character of the story. It has more charactersthat the novel includes. The second main character is Ray the kidnapper. Living Dead Girl Conflict The conflict of the novel is external conflict. Its Man vs. Girl. Alice went to the aquarium with some of her friends.They got mad at her and left her alone. When she was looking at the fishesa Man name ray came up to her and told her to not scream. Ray tookher with himand she was never seen again. "I dont understand why my shellkeeps livingbreathing?to that tinyonce upona time girl whojust wants to close her eyes and never wakeup again".pg. 70 and 71 Favorites Somethingsthat i likedabout this book wasits abouta girl name Alice thatwas kidnappedbut she was strong because of everything she hadto go through.But she did all that so that Ray would not hurther parents or her. Target Audience Recommends are mostly for teens and maybesome adults that are interest in reading about this young girl. Exposition The setting of this book is Shady Pines on a street named Daisy Lane Major Themes some of the majorare one wrong moveand you're lifecan be altered forever. Alice was a ten year old she went on a field trip with her class to an aquarium.she got into a fight with her friends leaving her alone. she is approached by a man and takes her with him. Ray is her abductor andhe raped her daily, limited her from food, and tried to dress her inchildlike clothing. he told her if she tried to escape he would kill her parents and her.
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