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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Little Caesar's Pizza Operations Malik's highest level of education was high school and this has been his first and only job. Hetook this job in high school because he became a father and needed to support his child. Hestarted off as a crew member when he was 16 and was slowlypromoted to a shift leader at 18 and finally an assistant manager at 19. He is now 20 and hopes to eventually get his degree in accounting and move up inthe company. Malik's high school experiencesdid not fully prepare him for hisjob because they did not teachbusiness management and howto be a leader in school. He now takes night classes to get hisdegree in busness management. At Little Caesar's Malik works roughly 35 hours a week in store and about 10 working outsidethe store, getting supplies, and running errands. Malik gets paid between 9 and 10 dollars an hour.There are no additional benefits toworking as an assistant manager. I decided to shadow my assistant manager, Malik Windfield, from Little Caesars of Lexington. Malik was interested in this field because of the flexible hours andsince he was only 16 when he started he knew he had to startsmall. Malik said that the threemost important traits to have areresponsibility, dependability, and resourcefulness. He said responsibility is key because many people count on him to bethere to run the store, handle money, and keep the crew in line.Dependability is another necessary trait because other crew members might not showup and he has to be able to make up for the lapse by coming into work on his days off. He has to be resourceful because sometimes there is no set solution for the problem he encounters. Malik makes use of math and spanish the most in his job. He uses math for inventory, daily predictions, and ordering supplies. He uses spanish to communicate with certain customers because they only speak spanish. He feels collaboration, leadership, and technology skills are some of the more important skills to have in the management positions. Though there is some room for advancement, Malik says that this is not a large potential forgrowth because of the natureof the business. Malik picked this job because when he was looking,this was the first place to respond.When he was younger, he had hopedto become an accountant. He is currently taking night classes to gethis degree, and will be enrolled fulltime in the fall. Malik has never hadanother job. He said that the most rewardingpart of his work was makingfriends with his crew members. He likes to talk to everyone andwants a pleasant attitude in the work place. Malik believes thatthe most difficult part of his job isdealing with customers. According to Malik, if you wantto pursue this career path you need to be dedicated because when you start out, you will be the lowest member of the teamand the only way to move up ishard work and perseverance.If he could have done somethingin school differently, he wouldhave taken math more seriously.When he was younger he did notpay attention to math, and nowhe uses it everyday.
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