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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 400+ LUNCHES ordered per week STUDENTS never do. PIZZAS are ordered EACH Friday x 7.4 26.4% 60%+ R 2014 number of people ordering school lunches 2015 127k 7k 47k 87k Years The number of people ordering lunchesper school year of school lunch programs have a breakfast and summer program % decreased risk of High Blood Pressure LUNCH The cons on ordering school lunches, and howunsustainable, wasteful,and horrid it can really be. 1/6 of the waste coming from our ordered lunchis not properly recycled/thrown out. Obviously. four in six students order lunch regularly 2012 *per month*per school year 2013 *estimated* "What's so bad about it anyways?" Well, not too much, but it creates a LOT of waste, and that can't last too long in aschool like ours. Especially with students who don't care where they throw something out, or don't finish their food enough and put it in the recycling bin. Tomkeneven switched from styrofoam to cardboard, and thing's till aren't being put away asgood as they could be. Toronto has a way to deal with this obviously. Our 'blue bin' is there for a reason, and it won't matter if you accidentally put something in there.People will go through it and hand sort it out until completion. The thing is, it's costly, and eventually, it'll have to stop. When it DOES stop, then we have to get ridof our garbage and recycling separately, which I don't think people will care about doing. 200 at least the government doesn't do anything about it because it doesn't like a SEEM PROBLEM YET sadly so HEY, How many times does order lunch PER WEEK ?? 803 never oncea week three times a week two timesa week four times a week five times a week Half our class does not order lunch regularly, if not at all. Thathelps a lot, really. If more classes had only about half their class to order lunch, I think the numbers would dropimmensely. Our class does not have much of a negativeimpact on this, which is great. It could be better though, of course. OUR CLASSES IMPACT A suggestion of what could be put in place could be that maybe you can only order lunch once a week. Such as keeping Pizza's on Friday. A con of this might be that some students might not get lunch, but that can be solved by getting, say, popcorn from the front and having a better meal at home. This may have you thinking I'm a bad person for making kids starve, but all of us have done it before, and thatthe truth here, sadly. At most elementary schools, they only serve food on special occaisions, but serving it daily, every day for the entire school year, and obviously problems will eventually arise. -Tomken Road Middle School-
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