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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Using Technologyto Support BalancedLiteracy for Students With Significant Disabilities Carnahan, C., Williamson, P., Hollingshead, A., & Isreal, M. (2012). Using Technology to Support Balanced Literacy for Students With Significant Disabilities. Teaching Exceptional Children, 45 (1), 20-29. Traditional Instruction Balanced Approach How to Help Reading develop thematic unitsaccessibility of reading materialsadapt materials many teachers assume that if a studentdoes not possess the mechanical skillsof writing they are not ready for writing instruction focused on teaching sight words, frequently out of context incorporates holistic and systematic,explicit instruction, and daily reading,writing, and word study thematic instruction communication reading, writing, speaking, listening critical thinking meaningful context balanced approachuniversal designknowing student strengths and needsadapting materials and lessonsincorporate available technologies resources are only effective insofar that they align with the needs of each learner and support the concepts being taught Alternative PencilsSoftware to Support WritingAugmented DevicesGraphic Organizers Word Study double click to change this header text! double click to change this header text! contextualized and meaningfulpractice with words in multiple contextincorporate into large context of the classroom iPad AppsEasiteachFirstWords Interactive Teacher-Made Books PowerPoint BooksOnline Books Writing Resources Tar Heel Reader, TumbleBooks, StoryPlace, Storylineonline - Ebooks Kurzweil, Mayer-Johnson, Crick Software - Technology Tools Four Blocks Model and Building Blocks - Balanced Approach
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