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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ABRAHAM LINCOLN 1809-1864 Lincoln Douglas debates MARCH 1861 President during War - Within a month of his the presidency the civil war started- The war started when the south seceded from the union and formed the Confederate states of America- In the hope of a fast victory for the union Lincoln sent 500,000 troops- Lincoln removed General McClellan because he was reluctant to advance in the war Emancipation Proclamation - After the union won the war, Lincoln told the southern states to return to the union or all slaves in the states that the union controlled will be emancipated.- Took effect on January 1, 1863- This freed 3.1 million slaves out of 4 million in the united states April 15, 1865 ASSASSINATION The way to the white house February 12, 1809 - Became a congressman to the house of rep. in 1846- Illinois voters weren't fond of Lincoln because he was against the war with the U.S. and Mexico- He left office and went back to his hometown.- He returned the following year and joined the Republican party.- The republicans formed an opposition to expand slavery into the territories - May of 1860 the republicans chose Lincoln as their candidate for president - In his young years of schooling he only went for 3 brief periods- When he got older he moved to New Salem Illinois and worked as a post man.- He then learned politics and favored the Whig party- He became a self taught lawyer- Won Illinois state legislature in 1834 - Douglas was a democrat - Lincoln was a republican- These debates start in 1858 during the Illinois senatorial campaign - Most of the debates focused on slavery (slavery extension issue- was whether to have slavery in the new territories)- Lincoln used these debates to develop and strengthen this moral stand points.- "A house divided against itself cannot stand." was said by Lincoln when he was chosen to run against douglass
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