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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A famous person who wrote limerick poems is Edward Lear. Edward Lear popularized limericks and wrote 212 of them. Line 1,2,5 rhyme and line 2,3 rhyme. Some literary device the poem use are similes, symbolism and metaphor. It started in the Middle East. Line 1,2,5 are longer than line 2,3. Line 1,2,5 must have 7-10 syllables while line 2,3 must have 5-6 syllables. It usually start by "there once was a" or "There was a." A limericks structure is simple the first two lines rhyme and the third and fourth rhyme. The last line should rhyme with the first and second line. AABBA. No one knows for sure when this unique form of poetry was originated in however we do know that it was created in the Middle Ages in France. After when it had become a popular from of speech it had crossed over to the English lands. The oldest limerick poem was written bu Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century. "There was an Old Man with a nose,Who said, 'If you choose to suppose,That my nose is too long,You are certainly wrong!'That remarkable Man with nose" - Edward Lear Limerick poems are short, brief and humorous. These poems follow a strict rule of 5 lines only. These poems are commonly written in a funny and unusual manner. Limerick poems only consist of 5 lines. Line 1,2 and 5 being the longest lines in the poem while the 3 and 4 are the shortest. The poen follows an AABBA pattern. A meaning 1, and 5 end the same and B meaning lines 3,4 ryhme at the end od the sentance. The 1,2 and 5 line nave the same ryhme and the 3 and 4 line ryhme with each other. Every line in these poems must have a number of accented syllables. Lines 1,2 and 5 have three accented syllables while lines 3 and 4 have only two accented syllables.
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