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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Saving Water our precious resource Tips for reducing Australians' water footprint Average Indian'swater footprint per year The National water footprint is the total amount of water usedby a country. It includes the water that's used in the countryand the water used to create products for other countries around the world. NATIONAL WATER FOOTPRINT Longshowers Install a grey water system from your washing machine to the toilet and save 90L per day 1089m Fix leaks eat less meat India's footprint is smaller because it's a poorer country and:- They eat less meat (and creating meat uses lots of water)- They have less access to tap water (less infrastructure)- They share their water with over 1 billion people (Australia has 23 million people) short showers use grey-water Front loading washing machine All life requires water, however there is an increasing pressure from households and businesses on freshwater resources. If we make minor changes to our lifestyles we could save a huge amount of water each year. 0 L Save 160L byhaving 4 minuteinstead of 10minute showers Short showers Top loading washing machine Flushing the toilet with fresh water SAVING WATER AT HOME Average Australian'swater footprintper year 2315m INDIVIDUAL WATER FOOTPRINT The Individual water footprint is the total amount of water used in and around your home, school and office each day. It includes the water we use directly as well as the water that's used in the products we buy, energy we use and the water we recycle. 130 L 90 L 80 L 400 L 240 L Front loading washing machine Flushing the toilet with greywater Change your washing machine to a top loaderand save 80L per day These simple changes could save up to $300in water bills each year! Look at these water savings for a family of four people each day... low flow shower head use rain water 3 3
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