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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Time :200 BC-900 BCReligion:they believed in the underworldGovernment:they had a large army AZTEC INCA MAYA picture KEY FIGURE: hello i have just finished a war.we are trying to destroy the land macho pichu i do everything my father tells me to do. INCA MAYA 1.slant backwards forehead 2.eyes slightly crossed3.had no army4.had hundreds of citys Similarities: 1.all polytheistic 2. all sacraficed 3.used water to travel Three theories for why the Mayans disappeared are.... 1. they had no army2.they were easy to invade3.they believed in the underworldI believe the thriving Mayan civilization came to an end because they had no army so they were easy to invade. they believed in the underworld Innovation Time : 1325-1533Religion: polytheistic Government: very organized MesoAmerica Final Project Time : 1100-1533Religion: gods watched ocer themGovernment: very strick By:lily ingham 1. believed gods watched over them2. floating gardens3.had slaves4.played soccer AZTEC 1.was organized2. believed in many gods3. Spanish4. art and gold everywhere the aztecs created the 0they also were very strictthe mayas were very covered up How did religion impact their civilizations? it impacted it because looking different from girls not being able to show any skin. acting different by believing in like God watching over you so you did good things all the time. How did trade impact their civilization? trading impacted the civilization by how they moved (traveled) so some went to canoes for help and some went to boats like pirates.' double click to change this header text! How did geography impact their civilizations? geography impacted the civilization by how they build things like the Aztecs had the gardens.
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