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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Life on Ships 3 2 1 Diet Diet Death The diet included hard and tasteless biscuits and a lot of tea. 2 1 The diet contains of salted meat, hard biscuits, and sauerkraut Death The Captain was all for death. He had murdered two of his own shipmates, and blamed one of them on an innocent 13 year old girl. He was about to murder her before he had fallen off of the ship. The basically believed that everything had to be perfect and run smoothly, if it was not he would kill you. 3 Punishment Seahawk vs Endeavour The captain tried to avoid as many deaths as possible, he gave medicine to his crew to keep them healthy and alive. 18th Century 21st Century The captain had many punishments running through his mind. He would make is crew work late if they had nit preformed there tasks proprley. He almost hung a young girl for be acussed of murdering the first mate. He would put you in the brig if had done something impolite. Punishment The captain did not believe in in to harsh of a punishment. He only would punish you if you slept on the job, refused to do your work, or if you failed to do your duty. Rarely did the captain hang somebody, but it may happen if somebody is very disrespectful. 4 Captain Jaggery (Seahawk) and Captain Cook (Endeavour) were both very disrespectful captains. Even if Cook gave his crew medicine and better food his was still very mean. They both would stand up and decide to hang somebody. They both believe that there crew has to be perfect, and one false mistake would mean a punishment. No matter who would be on board they were mean, and nothing could ever change that. Captain
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