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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TKM Stand up for what you believe in The Help vs Stand up forwhat youbelieve in Skeeter stood up to Hilly Skeeter stood up for what she believes in bywriting that bookand helping blacks. Atticus stood up for what he believed in by giving blacks fair treatment and defending them well in court Atticu s Tea Party Atticus stoodup for TomRobinson Skeeter sees that blacks are people too and works withthem fairly and nicely. The girls in Jacksonget together toeat and drinktea and to talk about feeding africans When Hilly got mad at Skeeter for the book Skeeter stood up for the blacks in that book that Hilly hated. Atticus sees thefairness in the worldand is fair to black people. The girls in towngot together and and talk about spreadingreligion and joythrough africa When Tom Robinsongot accused for rapingmayella ewell atticus stood up for him even though he wasblack. Calpurnia takes care of the children during the day and goes home at night. Girls Get Together Skeeter Aibileen Aibileen takes care of the little girl duringthe day and goes home at night. Basically thelittle girls mother. Everyone should treat others with respect Everyone should treat others with respect skeeter helps people realize that people should be treated with respectby helping black maids. Calpurni a Atticus helps people realize everyone should be treated with respect by treating a black fairly in trial.
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