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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1803 This expedition, to trace the Missouri River, in an effort to find a route to the Pacific Ocean, was funded by Congress even before the Louisiana Purchase was made. Jefferson, in secret, requested $2,500 for the expedition, from Congress. After Lewis was chosen as the commander of the expedition into the Louisiana Territory, he wrote a letter to Clark, to join him, and he accepted. 1804 After the boat is constructed, and everyone is aboard, Campwood is set up, upstream St. Louis, and in May the expedition commences. The Corps of discovery, the name given to the expedition, give gifts, including medals, and flags, to the Otoand Missouri Indians. Along the way they encounter many sects of Native Americans, who often times sheltered them. Upon taking refuge in Fort Mandan, which was completed on December 24, 1804, across from the village of the Mandan and Hidatas Indians, the explorers make acquaintance with Toussaint Charbonneau, who was hired as an interpreter, andhis wife, Sacagawea, a Shoshone captured by the Hidatsas. 1805 Sacagawea gives birth to Jean Baptiste, her son. About 12 men are sent back to Jefferson with intel, items from the expedition, and other useful information on April 7, 1805, while the others continue their journey west. Lewis, upon journeyeing ahead, sees the Great falls of Misourri and other water falls, knowing the journey across it would take about a month. When the expedition comes to the three forks of the Misourri River, the name them Gallatin, the Madison, and the Jefferson. Once Lewis crossed the continental divide, he was utterly disappointed to find more mountains. After coming in contact with a Soshone tribe, they are given 29 horses a mule, and a guide, because chief Cameahwait recognizes Sacagawea as his kidnapped sister. After this theygo through a period of starvation. In October 18, 1805, Clark sees Mount Hood, and believes he is close to the ocean, even thoughthey are 20 miles from it. Their expedition is halted by a storm for about 3 weeks. 1806 The group decides to cross the south side of the Columbia river to take refuge for the winter. Between May and late June, in 1806, they cross the Bitterroot Mountains. They decide to separate into groups and explore more of the Louisiana Territory, being that they already crossed the Bitterroot mountains. Upon the journey of reuniting at the mouth of the Yellowstone River, the groups are taken in by different sects of Indians. On September 23, 1806, they reach St. Louis and are back from whence they came. When they return to Washington DC, as a reward, bothmen, Lewis and Clark, are given 320 acres of land and double pay. Lewis and Clark Expedition
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