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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LEARNING TALK FRAMEWORK 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Challenging Talk CriticalTalk Analytical Talk Show and TellTalk School Talk Teacher growth and development focussed on teacher practice and improved outcomes for students happensbetween Analytical and Challenging Talk. What needs to be done differently?Does practice need to change or be fine-tuned? Are there new strategies? Which practice needs affirmed or justified? Why is this happening? What is happening with teacher practice? Look for connections, diagnose reasons and interpret data to find out WHY. What is happening? Usingevidence to determine whatis happening and to judge our effectiveness. This is non learning talk.There is no focus on student learning instead it is about describing practice. Non teaching practice talk.Usually about school organisation resources or requirements. This talk is low level and will not shift teacher practice and capability. The Learning Talk Framework is about improving teacher practice and student learning. As the discussion progresses up the model to the top of level two talk, this is ehanced. Avoid level one discussions. Level One Talk Level Two Talk Finish here.For next time, whatwill I do differently?What is my inquiry? Start here. Look at your data and atthe data of your team. Interogate your data to connectand determinewhy! Adapted from the 'Learning Talk Framework' created by The Education Group which was inspired and, originally adapted from "Teacher Talk to Improve teacher practices' 2003 Annan, Lai, Robinson
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