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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 progresses in small steps and makes learning engaging and effective. The workbooks aredesigned to build a strong foundation in grammar, vocabulary and reading skills.Like , the study programme is created for each student, through an individualized schedule ofselected workbooks.The learning domains of JEI English are: Readiness Reading Grammar Phonics Communication Information 課程以小步漸進方式進行學習,教材內容為文法、詞彙以及閱讀技能方面的鞏固為基礎。 相似,系統將為每個學生制定個化的學習計劃,每周學習精選教材。 的學習領域包括: 學前預備及 閱讀溝通 文法資訊 每個課程級別均有特定學習目標,需要該步完成。 每個年級約有36週的教材,每週的教材為32 在每週教材末尾,設有針對性的中期測試,確保理解所學內容。 課程涵蓋所有主要領域: 數字概念、幾何、測量、數據分析等等。 Each level is designed with specific study objectives in small steps which makes learning easy foreveryone. There are approximately 36 weekly workbooks per grade level and each weekly workbook consists of 32 pages.At the end of each weekly workbook, there is an interim test for the skills covered in the workbook to ensure understanding. curriculum covers all majo domains: Number Concepts,Operations, Geometry, Measurement, Data Analysis, and more. JEI Math JEI 數學 JEI 英語 JEI English JEI 英語 JEI 數學 JEI Math
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