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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My lead dog traits LOGO HERE created by, Tyler Sammons compassion Moving Foward Teamwork Attitude I take team work very seriously. I always supportmy teammates. If they make a good play I willtell them. I will always try to take the lead on my line. If I notice something about the other team as a strength or weakness I will tell them. Those arereasons I represent good teamwork. When it comes to attitude I am not always the best at it. Ican be that negative Nelly. Honestly if things don't go my way I can have a sour attitude. If we are loosing a game I can have a bad attitude. To fix this I will try to always have a good attitude during our game. I will encourage my teammates and not be such a Debby downer. When it comes to moving forward I always try too.If something were to happen in school or activitiesoutside of school I always keep moving forward.I never let anything or anybody stop me from doingsomething I love. In quick words I get it over with and move on. Those are a few examples of how Imove on from things I like to think that I have good compassion for people.I did a charity called the Miracles of Mitch. I would goout and ask people for money. My first year I raised$500. My second year I raised $1,100. My third yearI raised $2,000. I also helped out in that organization. The oragnization helped families who had childrenwith cancer. They would give food and money. Thoseare some reasons why I know I have compassion. Evidence will be given to teacher. Traits I exemplify trait I need to work on
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