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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Toxins In Our Food Toxins In Our Environment -Pesticides-Fertilizers-Additives-Preservatives-Antibiotics -Cleaners-Chemicals-Adhesives-Plastics Not-Foods Edible products made to resemble something else like-Cheese like products-Margarine-Cool whip-Miracle Whip-Man made "versions" of foodare being used in the production of our cells... cheeze whiz brain Beyond processed,they don't rot and bugs won't eat it - that should be a sign.-Used in everythingfrom baby formula to"meal replacement drinks" Over consumption of certain food groups. Layers Of Illness Layer #1 Pesticides kill bugs how? They do the same to humans... Any wonder we have seen such a drastic rise in gut health disorders? Processed Crap Toxins in our environment are Known to cause hormone disruption which causes disorders we're told are "life long" and incurable diseases... Layer #2 Food - Like Products Even many of the "good foods" have been bred beyond the point of optimal,grown in soil not well taken care of,sitting in warehouses for months or longer, basically lacking in nutrition etc. Not to mention: Layer #3 Foods that offer little nutrition beyond the immediate or quickly break down into carbohydrates and inhibit or exacerbate "feel good" chemical reactions that can be associated with addiction like reward behaviors. These are truly"Occasional Foods" Taken way too far- Sugar- Dairy- Grains Layer #4 Good Foods Gone Bad - The Soils Are Dying- The Water Tables are being polluted- The Microbiome Of The Earth IsSuffering the same things we are. It's The Layers You're Not Broken, Just Trying To Live Under Layers Of Toxins And "Not-Foods" Your illness, disease or disorderis really a "check engine light."You can't put a band aid over itand expect the issue to go away. - AUTOIMMUNE- ADHD/ADD/ODD- DIABESITY- DEPRESSION- ANXIETY- FIBROMYALGIA- IBS/IBD/CROHNS/SIBO ETC
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