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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Latin America Revolution - Led a slave uprising in the French Colony of Saint Dominique (on the island of Hispaniola) Toussaint L'ouverture - Gap between the colonists and the slaves- defeated the French and gained control until 1802- was captured by Napoleon's army and died in the prison in 1803- Jean Jacques Dessalines drove the French out - St. Dominique became independent and was renamed Haiti Causes of Discontent Against Spain They resented the Spanish rule because1. they controlled trade benefits 2. colonist could only buy Spanish goods3. Colonist could only sell goods to Spain*The mercantile system kept wealth flowing into Spain did little for the colonists. Social system: - PeninsularesThey were born in Spain and got the best jobs top of the social pyramids- Creoleswere born in Spanish Colonies to Spanish parentswealthy, educated mine owners and business people - Mestizoschildren of Spanish and Indian parents and that that would oversee Spanish estates or plantation -Mulatosmostly Indians and people of mixed African ancestry that worked on mines or estates and lived in poverty Most of the population resented the European colonial power in Latin America. Thesuccessful revolutions in the 13 colonies in North America and the revolution in Francegave hope to the Latin America Simon Bolivar - The Liberator- tried to re-invade Venezuela- was named President of Columbia - gained independence in 1822 for Venezuela Jose de San Martin - born in Argentina- fought in Napoleon's army- joined revolutionary war in 1811 - won independence for Argentina in 18 16- met Bolivar in 1822 and discussed about taking overSouthern Peru- they disagreed on the plan and San Martin left Bolivar
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