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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 -Disease Surveillance -Monitoring slaughtering operations including:*report suspected diseases if a) the method of slaughtering & meat hygienediscovered in food animals & b) the general cleanliness and hygiene ofregularly collect food samples the equipment & meat delivery vehiclesfor laboratory tests c) disposal of condemned meat and offal On admission: LocalOverseas Retailers Consumers Food safety in Food Supplies in HK SAR I: Central supplies -- slaughter houses, vegetable wholesales, fishery wholesales Slaughterhouses SAFETY CONTROL: -Sampling and Testing on Agricultural Chemical and Veterinary Drug Residues*prevent entry of drug and chemical residuesinto the food chain*prevent food poisoning In slaughterhouses: double click to change this header text! Before slaughtering: After slaughtering: -Post-mortem inspection*every carcass and offal is inspected by Health Inspectors-Stamping*Government Inspected stamp on those passed the inspection Fishery Wholesales Safety Control * All live marine fishes in wholesalers are from registered traders Local Fish Fish feed management Mariculture management Pond culture management Fish disease prevention Fry health management clean seawater supply (Quality Seawater Assurance Scheme) Regular testing on fish tank water - pH - dissolve oxygen - nutrients - E. coli - Vibrio cholera Imported Fish - Must be from registered and approved farms Fishwholesalers Slaughter houses Vegetablewholesalers Possible Diseases - Heath certificates (free of malachite green or harmful pesticides) - Overseas fish farms are inspected by FEHD Possible Diseases 2. Control of water quality Vibrio cholerae Causes: accumulation of biochemical toxinsSymptoms: diarrhea, vomiting, numbness of mouth & limbs, joint pains headache 1. Good Aquaculture Practice of Registered Fish Farms 3. Regular Radioactive Test 1. Cholera 2. Ciguatera Fish Poisoning 3. Mercury Poisoning Symptoms:Damage to lungs, kidneys & nervous system 1.Salmonellosis Salmonella Bacteria: 2.Campylobacteriosis Campylobacter Bacteria: Bacteria:Symptoms: Diarrhea, vomiting, severe dehydration -Ante-mortem Inspection*screen out suspected diseased or injured animalsfor isolation slaughter.
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