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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Dangers On The Mountains LANDSLIDES "The reason that many people live near landslides is because they ignore the dangers." " "A landslide is a mass of earth orrock from a mountain or cliff." "The natural causes for alandslide are:.Elevation of pore water pressureby saturation of slope..Material from either intense of prolonged rainfall or seepage.Vibrations caused by earthquakes.Undercutting of cliffs and banks by waves or river erosion.Volcanic eruptions Human Causes.Removal of vegetation.Interferance with, or changes to, natural drainage.leaking pipes such as water and sewer reticulation.Modification of slope by construction of roads, railways, buildings ect.Overloading slopes.Mining quarrying activities.Vibrations from heavy traffic, blasting ect.Excavation or displacement of rocks Damage DoneLandslides cause property damage, ingury and death and adversely affecta variety of resources such as water supplies, fisheries, sewage disposal systems, forests, dams and roadways can be affected for years after a slide event. What can be done to minimise the effect/impact of a landslide? .Covering the land with impermeable membranes in order to prevent water infiltiration in the landslides..Directing surface water sources away from landslides..Draining ground water streams away from thelandslide..Minimising irrigation on the surface of the soil. What can individuals do to prepare for a landslide?.Learn about local emergencyresponse and evacuation plans..Talk to everyone in your householdabout what do if a landslide occurs..Create and practice an evacuationplan for your family and your buiseness..Assemble and maintain an emenrgency preparedness kit..Become familiar with the land around where you live and work so that you understand your risk in different situations..Watch the patterns of storm weather drainage and slopes nearyour home especially where runoff water converges. Gathering supplies for evacuation.Water-a three day supply.Food-a three day supply.FlashlightBattery powered or hand crank radio.Extra batteries.First aid kit.Medications.Multi-purpose tool.Sanitation and personal hygene items .Copies of personal documents.cell phone with chargers.,Family and emergency contact information.Extra cash
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