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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How important is water? 70% of our bodies consist of water.that fact already sais a lots. All livingthings need water for their survivalor else they will die. Many people have died due to lack of waterconsumption most people don't notice. We are very fortunate to be living in oneof our planets wealthier country's however, aren't as lucky. Both China and India 1 third of our planet only receive10% of the earths fresh water supply.That's only fresh water it takesa lots of money to filter it. Wehave more then enough in factwe waste water due to how much we have so this isn't fair. Problems we encouter what do we do We have to be more conscious of our water supply. We takeit for granted as if we can livewithout however what would we do if it disappeared. Most people wont think of this untilit disappears. If we waste nowwe will get into the habit and this is extremely bad. We should have the knowledge that other countries are outthere dying due to lack of potable water. So as a planet we should come together and look outfor each other. We fear muchin diseases and meteoritesthat may in the world well, a very possible is right underour nose. lack of water supply How can water supply affect us. we dont get enoughwater daily we receive heat disorders such asdehydration what do we do??? panic strikes we dont have the energy todo anything we rest and search for waterbut none is found no other optionsleads to nothingbut death. Nassim 2/25/2015
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