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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE SCIENCE BEHIND MAKING ICE CREAM! How Does It Work? What does the salt do? Just like we use salt on icyroads in the winter, salt mixedwith ice causes the ice tomelt. When salt comes intocontact with ice, the freezingpoint of the ice is lowered. Bylowering the temperature atwhich ice is frozen, we areable to create an environment in which the milk mixture canfreeze. The fat particles in themilk smash into each otherand make big molecules of icecream! Did you know? In 1904, ice cream cones wereinvented at the St. Louis WorldExposition. An ice cream vendorran out of dishes and improvisedby rolling up some waffles tomake cones. A group of children went to buy icecream cones. Each child bought adouble scoop cone with two flavorsof ice cream. None of the childrenchose the same combination offlavors. In the store has 9 differentflavors of ice cream: How many children are there? Brain Freezer I scream, you scream, we all scream for...ow! That cone of vanilla fudge swirl has done it again: The sweet treat hasquickly given you a bad headache. Butdon't blame the ice cream - it's not acting alone. When something very cold touches thecenter of the palate, the cold temperature can set off certain nerves that controlhow much blood flows to your head. Thenerves respond by causing the bloodvessels in the head to swell up. This quick swelling of the blood vessels is what causes your head to pound and hurt. Can you answer this?
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