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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 tap and hold to change this title text! "Their are childeren at parties every weekend and never around the house." VS Peeking at the Negative Side of High School Popularity The Summer I Turned Pretty "Conrad and Steven went to the big Fourth of July bonfire every year."" A few days later we shared twisters at the movies.""Later Conrad and Steven decided to go night fishing." Is Popularity always a good thing? And how does it play out? As seen in the story Belly try's to fit in and be popular for Conrad and Jeremiah."I hated being the brunt of it. It made me feel utterly powerless, and it was a reminder that I was an outsider, too weak to fight them, all because I was a girl." "More popular teenagers were more likely to get into trouble with mild deviant behavior, like shoplifting or vandalism and to drink or smoke." Conrad smokes sand drinks, " He'd been watching me that whole time. And he was smoking a cigarette." This shows how trying to fit in and be popular can cause peer pressure that results in negative habits. "Much of that small time crime disappears as the students age." I predict that Conrad is going to stop smoking because he is growing more mature and responsible. "It's not necessary to have loads of friends or to rank high on the popularity scale to feel good about yourself." I think that perfectly relates to how Belly truly feels in the inside. Even though she wants to be noticed and be popular as the story progresses I see glimmers of her true self.
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