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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 5 Landmark Supreme Court Cases that shaped Government Powers Year: Dartmouth College v. Woodward Clinton V. New York Marbury v. Madison McCulloch v. Maryland Chief Justice: John Marshall Brief Facts: - In 1816, Congress chartered the Second Bank of the United States. - In 1818, the state of Maryland passed legislation to impose taxes on the bank. Brief Facts: - A federalist William Marbury was designated as a justice of the peace in the District of Colombia - Marbury and several others were appointed to the government posts created by congress in the last days of John Adam's presidency,but theseslast-minute appointments were never fully finalized Chief Justice: Year: 1819 John Marshall Question: Ruling: 4-0 in favor of Madison Is the Supreme Court the place for Marbury to get the relief he requests? - A New york state law gave to individuals the exclusive right to operate steamboats on waters within state jurisdiction. Gibbons v. Ogden - In this case Thomas Gibbons-a steamboat owner who did buisness between New York and New Jersey under a federal coastal license-challenged the monopoly license granted by New York to Aaron Ogden. 1803 Brief Facts: Year: Chief Justice: Question: Ruling: Did the State of New york exercise authority in a realm reserved exclusively to congress, namely, the regulationof interstate commerce 6-0 in favor of Gibbons Question: Ruling: 7-0 in favor of McCulloch Did the maryland law unconstitutionally interfere with congressional powers? John Marshall Year: Chief Justice: Question: Ruling: Did the New Hamphire legislature unconstitutionally interfere withDarthmouth College's rigths under the Contract Clause? 5-1 in favor of Dartmouth John Marshall Brief Facts: Brief Facts: Chief Justice: Year: William Rehnquist -In the first, the city of New York, two hospital associations, a hospital, and two health care unions, challenged the president's cancellation of a provision in the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, which relinquished the Federal Government's ability to recoup nearly $2.6 billion in taxes levied against Medicad providers by the State of New York. -In the second, the Snake River Farmer's cooperative and one of its individual members challenged the president's cancellations of a provision of Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. Question: 6-3 in favor of New york city Ruling: 1997 Did the president's ability to selectively cancel individual portions of bills, under the Line Item Veto act, violate the Presentment Clause of Article I? 1818 -In 1816, the New Hampshire legislature attempted to change Dartmouth College- a privately funded institution-into a state university. -The legislature changed the school's corporate charter by transferring the control of trustee appointments to the govenor. Chief Justice: John Marshall Chief Justice;William Rehnquist 1824
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