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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Impact of the Industrial Revolution onEurope and the world. Krutika KhatriGlobal Red What role did rubber play in theprogrssion of the Industrial Revolution? As a result of the Industrial Revolution, the development of electricity and rubber became acommodity. Europeans did not have access to rubberin Europe. Whoever invested in rubber became wealthy, so rubber would be taken,sent to factories in Great Britain to be created into common items such as tires. Rubber is an important item because raw material in modern civilization becauseit was used for so many things How did the Industrial Revolution affect the countries in Europe and the world? 20% 80% The Industrial Revolution in Europe created urbanization,the factory system, new technology, environment pollution, labor problems and new social classes.Workers began to travel to urban areas from rural areas. Countries would change their ways ofmanufacturing goods,they went from agricultural ways to industrial methods. Europe got rid of livestock and switched to machines. This caused the population of Great Britain to grow. This also cause other countries to follow the footsteps of Europe. This chart represents thepopulation of the people inthe Congo during King Leopold'sreign. 20% or 10 million people were killed during this time dueto King's Leopold's idea of modernization. 80% were left alive in the Congo. Positive effects of the Industrial Revolution 1. Modern technology/New Inventions2. Trading3. Urbanization4. Changing of class structures5. "Civilization" Negative effects of the Industrial Revolution 1. Poor working conditions2. Poor wages3. Long hours4. Child labor5. Death due to gaining resources
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