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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 -people started to see that slavery was bad-laws were made for the protection of slaves-cotton wasn't was big as it was in the past which makes Britain not aid the confederates Big Picture Sociology of Slavery and slave life King Cotton ES and P -This statement was made after Great Britain decided not to side with The confederates-He also said "that cotton is a great and influential factor of commerce, but not its dictator"-in spite of Yancey's words, many southerners continued to hope that economic necessity would force Britain to help -Slavery was becoming more profitable, northern public opinion was turning against it-before 1830s slavery was seen as a necessary evil and argued slavery had become an economic and social necessity that was, at best, unfortunate-After the 1830s the new generation of slaveholders began to describe slavery as a positive good, an institution that christianized "heathen" Africans while providing them wth food, water and shelter-laws were made to stop the murdering and mistreatment of slaves-Also lead to improvements in nutrition and medical care for the slaves-Kids were able to play until they turned 10 to 12 and then they were put to work-Some slaves were allowed to go hunting, fishing and have a garden to meet their diet-Slaves had Sundays off and had a work day controlled by custom and unspoken agreements-Work for adults was backbreaking and it started a t 4 or 5 am then worked in a hot field until it was dark-slaves were whipped for falling behind in their work of infractions of the plantation rules-mothers were hard on children to get them ready for the tough life ahead-slaves did passive and aggressive resistance, which included revolts, lazinesses, and claiming to be ill -Prime field hand were worth $1,800-slave trade became a big business- Average slave picked cotton worth $78.78 in 1859-life expectancy was 5 years less than whites and infant mortality was twice as high compared to whites-Black population icreased at the same rate as whites-people in the north formed a political parties to go against slavery but they never won an electoral vote-people were starting to question slavery
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