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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 KIM'S MISSION TO THE FUTURE 2015- INFINITY EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMS THINKING THINKING ENVIRONMENT CAREER & POSSIBILITY What we believe about ourselves and others is not a fair reflection of what is... we believe we are a certain way, but the world around us may see us differently. Self awareness + Social Awareness The whole is not the sum of all the parts, but the product of the interaction of the parts. MOVING FROM A "WHAT IF" STATE TO A "WHY NOT" STATE MANAGING ONESELF TO GREATNESS INSIGHTS SEEING MYSELF HOW THE WORLD SEES ME Friendly Creative Hardworking Can be shy until I know you. Cheerful Fun Sets a fast work pace Dynamic = OWNERSHIP OF SELF SELF MANAGEMENT = eMOTIONAL iNTELLIGENCE = Better ME = Better TEAM RESOURCES DIVIDE TIME UNITE TEAM THROUGH COMMUNICATION ENSURE CHECKS AND BALANCES PROBLEMS?? LEARNING MUST TAKE PLACE SUCCESS To create a safe and receptive environment we must engage in a safe and receptive manner. POSITIVE belief in positive human nature and choosing to see this in everyone COMMUNICATION engaging by asking the question correctly and listening toput role players at ease and creating environments for thinking QUESTIONS by using open discussion by building an incisive question to create PLACE everyone matters ACTION I HAVE Result I wish I had I won't I WILL motivation/determination possibilities abilities I CAN I AM I can't I'm not Thinking is the driver to your happiness SHIFT FOCUSOPEN PERPSECTIVECHANGE THINKINGLEAD SELFLEAD OTHERS THINKING SHIFT IN FOCUS OPEN PERPSECTIVE LEARNING HAPPINESS ACTION VISION through greatness
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