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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 3,533 Kids Drowning Around Pools People in America died from drowning from 2005-2009 (non boat related) 1 IN 5 People who die from drowning are kids under the age of 15 FOR EVERY 1 Kid who dies from drowning another five get sent to hospital from harsh injuries DID YOU KNOW?In the whole world drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death. DID YOU KNOW?That in 2008/927 toddlers diedin Australia fromdrowning and in2009/10 33 kids under the age offive died in Australiafrom drowning whichshows that more kids are drowning each year. DID YOU KNOW? That 5% of kids between the age of 0-14 takento hospital from survivingnearly drowning getneurological damage. DID YOU KNOW? That around four children under the age of five drown in farm dams every year. DID YOU KNOW? That although kids under the age of five have the highest rate of drowning but from the age of 15-19 they are still at a high rate of drowning. DID YOU KNOW?That the place most atrisk of drownings are low income countries that are highly populated and open to large bodies of water. DID YOU KNOW?Lakes, Ponds, Creeks, Buckets, Pools and Baths are the places kids are at the highest risk of drowning DID YOU KNOW?In 2010, there was 4,604 boating incidents 3,153 boaters got injured, and 672 died. 72% of boating deaths that happened in 2010 were caused by drowning, and 88% of people who drowned were not wearing life jackets.
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