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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Can animals experience human emotions? Just like humans can determine who is their friend or foe, animals have the ability to do the same. (The bark) "Research has shown that mice are empathic rodents but it turns out they are fun-loving as well" (Wbur's the wild life) "Our closest animal relatives are the great apes about 98% of the DNA in your genes is exactly the same as in chimpanzees." (Who am I) horses are similar to humans because they can get spooked or scared just like us. (Bio science) "It has been proven that animals feel many emotions,for example when a dog sees his master he wags his tail with joy." (ekman) Many animals including dogs, dolphins, and,horses can feel guilty if they misbehave or do something they know they should not do (the bark) "Many studies have found that dogs experience jealousy just like humans." (The bark) Animals experience a rich range of emotions including empathy and compassion (the bark) When winters friend dies in dolphin tale 2 she gets depressed and sad just like when a human loses something they love ,but after hope comes and they get together and winter starts getting better and returns to her normal self. (Dolphin tale 2 and director Charles Martin smith) "It is hard to watch elephants remarkable behavior they can feel very strong emotions such as Joy, happiness, love, feelings of friendship, exuberance, amusement, pleasure, compassion, relief and respect." (Poole 1998,pp.90-91) By: Keely Mcgaha
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