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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this header text! TOTAL VOLUME OF WATER USED IN ONE DAY 1213.4041 LITRES TOTAL VOLUME OF WATER USED IN ONE YEAR 442892.4965 LITRES The activity that used the most water was 'shower' and the 'washing machine' it used 378.541 Litres. I can reduce my water consumption by shortening my showers, making sure the tap(s) are fully off and not leaking, HOW CAN I REDUCE MY WATER CONSUMPTION? use water appropriately and scarce. I can also fully load the dishwasher so I don't have as many loads and not use as much water. And not hand wash dishes as this can increase the water consumption. I can also cut down on how many loads i have in my washing machine. HOW MUCH COULD I SAVE IF I FOLLOWED THIS? If i followed these ideas I could save around 218 Litres per day. You could save around $178.40 p/year because according to Sydney water rates water NATIONAL WATER FOOTPRINT The national water footprint is defined as the total amount of fresh water that is used to produce the goods and services consumed by the of the nation. It consists of internal (the water used inside the country) and external (the water use in other countries) Our average water footprint of Australia is:2315 m³/yr per capitaPart of footprint falling outside of the country: 11.8 %Global average water footprint (for comparison):1385 m³/yr per capita My total water footprint = 1052 cubic meter per year The activity that didn't use any water was 'having a bath' and 'washing dogs' but the activity that used the least amount was 'cleaning up' and 'drinking a 500ml bottle of water', it used 1 Litre. usage is 2.23 per KL so if i can save 218 litres per day multiplied by 365 days per year that equals approximently 79,570 Litres p/year there for I would be a saving of $178.40. AUSTRALIA - GERMANY The total water footprint of German consumers is 159.5 cubic kilometres of water p/year Our average water footprint of Australia is:2315 m³/yr per capita There is quite a big difference in the amount of water used because Australia's wheather is quite hot compared to Germany beacuse we use more water to cool ourselves down and drink. Although the population in Germany is bigger than Australia.
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