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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2006- Katie and her mothervisit Uganda to volunteerat an orphanage Kisses From Katie Ugandan Facts-life expectancy- 53 years- 7.2 percent of the population is living with HIV, including 190,000children-approximately 24.5% of Ugandans live below the poverty line Katie Davis, a young, high school graduateat the top of her class, leaves her wealthy homeand family to travel to and minister to the people of Uganda. While there, Katie teaches kindergarten to the children, and then organizes a non-profit organization to raise money to sendpoor Ugandans to school. Katie buys a house and her organization, called Amazima, grows. Three poororphan girls draw Katie's attention and she adoptsthem. These girls become the first of Katie's fourteenUgandan children. Katie continues to minister to the people of Uganda today and help everyoneshe can, while still raising her own family. By Katie Davis with Beth Clark 2007- Katie goes to Uganda for one year, promisesto go to college afterwards This quote really represents Katie's attitude towardsothers in her book,She is always loving and caringand never turns anyone away.Loving unconditionally is something she does daily. "I believe that there is only one truly courageous thing we can do in life: to love unconditionally." 2007- Katie teacheskindergarten to 138poor Ugandan children 2008- Amazima, a non-profitorganization that sends childrento school for free is formed by Katie 2007- Katie buys a house and uses it to help people who are hurt orneed a place to stay Amazima means "truth" inLuganda 2008- Katie adopts her firstthree children: Mary, Scovia,and Agnes 2008- Three more girlsare adopted by Katie: Sumini,Prossy, and Margaret 2008- Katie visits her familyin the U.S and adopts Joyce,Sarah, and Jane 2008- Katie returns to her old home to complete asemester of college to fufillher promise to her parents 2009- Amazima growsand Katie adopts Zuula,Tibita, and Grace 2009- Katie begins to minister to the peopleof a poor slum areacalled Masese by bringing food and creating jobs 2009- Katie adopts Patricia and contines to provide food and medical attention to Ugandans 2010- Katie loses her child Jane in a court case to Jane's biological mother who wants her back 2010- Katie is 20 years old and remains in Uganda runningher non-profit organization withher 13 children
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