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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 STRESS What is STRESS? Stress is your body's way of reacting to surrounding stimulus. There is GOOD STRESS and BAD STRESS EUSTRESS: DISTRESS: This is a positive stress that can push you to meet your goals. Ex. Nervous feeling before a big performance. This is a negative stress that causes you to miss your goals.Ex. Excessive pressure to get good grades Stress interrupts homeostasis, or balance. When your body senses a threat, stress sets in.This is what happens in your body when you are stressed. Brain:Identifies stressorSends message to bodyReleases hormones Endocrine System:Release 3 hormonesSignal the body to prepare for fight or flight. Heart and Blood Vessels:Heart pumps 2-3x normal speedBlood, rich in nutrients and thick in case of injury, flows Lungs:Breathe more quicklySupplies oxygen to body (read left side down then right side down) Liver:Sugar in storage breaks downGives more fats and sugarsSupplies the energy Skin:Sweats to control temperatureTemperature changesCan feel less pain Muscles:Tense to get ready to moveCause restless moving Other Functions:The systems that are not as vital are put on holdso the body can conserveenergy. 77% of U.S. citizens say they regularly experience sympotms of stress 33% of U.S. citizens say they are living with extreme stress Health Consequences: *heart disease*high blood pressure*chest pain*irregular heartbeat*bad acne*leads to some blood clots Getting Help: LAUGHINGlowers stresslevels IDENTIFY THE STRESSORthen either*AVOID it*or PRIORITIZEIF ALL ELSE FAILS*relax*be OPTIMISTIC*and be GOOD to YOURSELF
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