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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 An Entrepreneur's Road Map To Success Replicate Perfection Others will crave this perfection & want to obtain your new pole position "We Need A Realtor" "HowMuch?" Leads to Motivation & Innovation "I can helpyou find agreat home!" "What do I see today?" Focus on Systems Leads to business success &personal happiness If you are a technician look for a team Hobbies Aren't Businesses Leads to Innovation & Enhanced Thinking People, Processes, Systems People, Processes, Products inGenius eMyth Cross-Pollination is Key Power of Observation I thought having contrasting people on your team could lead to opposing ideas and arguments, but now I realize connecting unexpected people is necessary. Why it Matters? Build teams full of people fromdifferent backgrounds Comprise yourteam of peoplefrom various backgrounds Application Why it Matters? Active processes encourage work environment interaction Application double click to change this header text! I overlooked observation completely in the role of a business, it clearly plays a vital role in adaptable problem-solving &creating high employee retention. "I can but shouldn't." Application Why it Matters? Business venture will more likelysucceed &function properly Although you are talented at producing a product that doesn't inherently mean you can create and managebusiness operations. Application Utilize systems to turn data intovaluable information Why it Matters? Knowledge is Power The use of hard and soft systems can give acompany a competitive edge and stimulate growth. Institute a unique system tailored to the business Why it Matters? Application
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