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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Copyright And why it's important What is copyright? Copyright was created to protect creators of original material. The law determinesa way to decide "who gets paid" and "who pays" for this original work. Frequently Asked Questions How long does copyright protection last? Some materials have a special term of copyrightprotection. However, the general rule is that copyright protection lasts the life of the creator plus 50 years. After this time passes, in most cases, the work becomes public domain. What legal rights are provided to the creator of an original work? In general, copyright ownership gives someone the legal authority, under an agrement,to set contracts with others (whether for a fee or for free) as to who uses theircopyrighted material, how it may be used, and for how long. What are the consequences when copyright law is broken? When copyright law is broken it is called copyrightinfringement. Using material without the authorizationof the copyright owner may result in some form of legalaction, such as claims for damages, injuctions toprevent use, etc. What is Creative Commons? Creative Commons is a non-profit organizationthat works to make it easier to share, reuse,repurpose and remix creative material. It doesthis by providing free licences that let creatorsgive permission in advance for certain uses oftheir works. CC encourages people to share their work. How do I avoid copyright infringement? Reading the terms and conditions of websites or works can indicate the guidelines of the copyrightlaws. However, to reproduce, in part or in full, copyrighted material you will need to request formalpermission. In a request for permission to copy, you must include the name of the author or editor,title and edition of material, exact material to be used, the use of the material, whether it is for financial gain, and a description of the person using the material. The request should be sent to theauthor, webmaster, or the permissions department of the publisher in question. Sources Canadian copyright 9 key questions. (2011-2012). In Your Digital Prescence. Retrieved January 22nd, 2014, from Copyright and teaching - asking permission. (2011-2012). In Your Digital Presence. Retrieved January 22nd, 2014, from Which Creative Commons licence is right for me?. (n.d.) Retrieved January 22nd, 2014, from
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