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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2005 2025 vs. K-12 Learning: The Technology take Over 2 50B+ 1 Who makes the decisions? The way students learned and were taught 10 years ago vs. 10 years from now will be completely different. Why? Technology! Alli CollinsEDT 540 The Teacher Teachers make all of the decisions and teach material that they think is important and that is required from theircurriculum Teachers and Students How and whereare students taught? Students are giventhe opportunity to have say in their learning such as through learner-led activities Direct Instruction Educators teach materialthrough direct instructionand/or by utilizing constructive methods, in the traditional classroom What are students being taught? What materials are utilized? Teachers utilize Mobile technologies andstudents are given personal iPads and laptops Mobile Technologies What are students' responsibilities? Blended Learning Complete classwork and follow all school rules Complete designated assignments online, take state-mandated tests, and be safe online by being a digital citizen and "net smart" Online and Digital Citizenship Classroom Resources Students are limitedto resources found in the classroom such as textbooks Follow General Procedures Core Academics Subjects include the standard classes suchhistory, English, math,science and foreignlanguages Personal Interests Material caters to studentinterests; global and real-world issues areexamined; corporationsalso have a say in topics A portion of the traditional face-to-face instruction is replaced by web-based online learning References Rheingold, H. (2012). Net smart how to thrive online. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Infante, A. (n.d.). How computer technology will transform schools of the future. Retrieved March 1, 2015, from Cuban, L. (2014, February 28). Marketing technologies in u.s. public schools. Retrieved March 1, 2015, from https://larry Clark, T. (Presenter) (2015, February 22). Digital citizenship. Lecture conducted from West Chester Univ. Class .
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