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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is Cortisol? A steroid that increases the process of protein breakdown(increasing the concentration of aminoacids are in the blood)forms glucose(liver is able to transform lactic acid and amino acids into glucose which can be distributedinto bloodstream), anti-inflammatory (white blood cells are unable to be involved in antiinflamitory responses due to the inhibition of cortisol, therefore tissue repair is slowed in the organs), and it also inhibits the immune system'sfunctions. How is it produced? neurological stress response by the adrenal gland is sent to the hypothalamus which secretes CTH, this goes to the pituitarywhich stimulates the production of ATCH,this creates ATCH in the adrenal glandand B-lipotropin into the bloodstream. How is it related to Addisons? the lack of cortisol leads to muscle and organ weakness,which may inhibit the immune systemthe reaction between ACTH and B-lipotropin in the blood stream creates the hormone melanocyte. Melanocyte is the enzyme responsible for the reactionbetween Melanosoma and Keratinocyets, which darkens skin color. Treatment for Addison's: Hormone substitution- corticosteroid(Cortisol) and mineralocortoid (Aldestrone) hormones Fun fact.... John F. Kennedy has Addison's disease
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