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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GOOD or BAD? C O M P E T I T I O N : J u s t i n e C h u aIV - FAITH CN 4 made by: AP Portfolio Entry 2.2 Competition is a kind of relationship that has many faces to it. In the context of the learning environment of the classroom, the spirit of competition is one of thefew things that can ultimatelymake or break a student. The pressure brought about by knowing that someone else besides yourself is able to deliveras effectively, if not more, as you can compels you to work hard so that you do not lag behind. Being challengedby competition fostersthe conception of newand diverse ideas becauseyou constantly have toask yourself, "how can I perform as well as/better than ___?" In this way, it canbring out the best in you and make youmore familiar with thestrengths and theweaknesses that youneed to improve on since you are in an environment whereinyou have to put your best foot forward. But it can also bring out theworst in you if you allowedit to overwhelm you and cloudyour better judgement by lyingor cheating your way up. The pressure of knowingthat someone can best youmay demotivate you to strivetowards achieving a certain standard hence make you less confident in yourself and even make you unable to act [out of fear of failing in the midst of people who are not]. You may find yourselfimproving at a slower pace as compared to those who rise to meet thechallenges of competition.Becoming lax with your commitments on the premisethat you will not ever be goodenough anyway is another. By being resigned, you depriveyourself of opportunities to understand yourself, lessons,and others better. Whether competition is good or bad depends on what you make of it. However, in order to promoteand practice healthy competition,it is important to note that it isnot a question of who emerges asthe best out the others but, in truth,how far you have come down the roadof improving yourself, serving others,and making your efforts worthwhileto your being a member of the youth,a herald of change of the future.
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