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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Journey My Journey 2013 2001 2004 2008 2011 I would miss out on what art and designcourses haveto offer. I have more direction andspecific goalsto work with. I learned more,I met Sr. Socorro,and I finally figuredout how the processof checking out a book worked. I had learned how to play a musical instrument that I instantly cameto love. I had more time to spend on mystudies, myfriends, andextracurricularactivities. I was no longerallowed to trainfor officershipand was ineligible for officer status 1996 Justine Brooke ChuaIV - Faith CN4 I noticed that one of my classmates had been sitting by herself every recess time so I decided to spend my recess withher to keep her company instead ofplaying with other classmates. I got her to stand up and play during recess. We also became friends. My first playmates forgot about me because of my absence in their games. I decided to pursue Medicine and applied for biomedical/pre-medical courses in my UP and Ateneo application forms. I tendered a letter of resignation fromCitizenship Advancement Training (CAT). I chose to learn the viola instead of the violin or cello for orchestra class (abroad). I befriended a shy girl(who was more shy than I was) in class. We went on to become best friends.We would also study together whilewaiting for our momsto fetch us after school. We did not makeother friends; we were shy around ourpeers together. Sowhen she migrated,I did things alone. I could not sign upfor neither band class nor choir. I also find itdifficult to get extrastring sets for the violabecause not many musicstores know about it. A grade school librarian's scolding reallyscared and nearly discouraged me from borrowing books from the library but I continued going to the library anyway, albeit more carefully. 2003 I was scoldeda second timeand I was stillscared of her.
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