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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Justice system There are many types of justice systems, the justice system I chose was the court and law justice system. A set of agencies by government to control crime *Each area works with jurisdiction.*Social disorder What is the porpoise of this system It helps people get justice if they have been wronged What components are involved *Society, community's,legal frame work people.*Laws, court, lawyers, judge. *Police officers. What is the input and output. Input *Criminal cases, complaintsOutput*resolution of cases, people get there justice. What problems does this system typically have. *pending cases( take s long trails to finish case)* sometimes people think the resolution is not fair.* clever lawyers are better at defending there clients, if the other party or lawyer is not good enough the person who has not donewrong will lose. How have those problems been solved. *(Pending cases) in order to solve this problem you have to fast track courts( more judges to take care of cases)*(unfair verdict) people can make the decision to go to a higher level court if they are not happy with the verdict of the lower court *(clever lawyers vs non clever lawyers) you can get more info on your lawyer. Identify the efficacy or inefficiency in this system. The efficiency if this System is that if anything wrong happeneds you can solve the problem in a court, ineffency is you will argue and fight for your case.
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