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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 life cycle of a tooth brush raw materials tongue scraper- it's for scraping the back of your tongue and cleaning it. made out of plasticbristles- it's for cleaning yourteeth and whitening them. made out of nylon string, wood or plastic.handle- it's for holding so you can brush your teeth processing the plastic 1. petroleum is drilled and broughtto a refinery. 2. crude oil and natural gas are refined into ethane and propane. 3. ethane and propaneare cracked into ethylene andpolypropylene, using high temperature furnaces.4. catalyst is combined withethylene and polypropylenein a reactor resulting in (fluff),a powdered material resembling laundry detergent. 5. (fluff) is combined with additives in a continuis blender. 6. polymor is fed to an extrudener wereit is melted. 7. melted plastic is cooled than fed to pelletizers that cuts the product into small pellets8. pellets are shipped to customers. manufacturing of a tooth brush 1. plastic is mixed and shaped into pellets. pellets are placed in an injection molding machine, which heats the plastic until it is melted. a rotating screw forces the liquid plastic into handle molds. the molds form the handle,including the cores. the molds are securely clamped, and pressure is applied while plastic cools. once completelycooled, the clamps are removed and small pins push the handle out of the molds. 2. the bristles, which are usuallymade of nylon, are put into the cores of the handleautomatically. the bristles are then stapled into the cores with tiny staples. 3. the handle passes through the trimming machine which slices the bristles to correct length and shape for the particular design.4. the toothbrushes are packaged into cardboard and plasticcontainers. labels are attached to the package, providing product information such as bristle hardness as well as recommendations for use. if the product is approved by american dental association, the seal of acceptationis also stamped on the container. 5. finally the packagedtoothbrush are bundled into larger crates then transported to the store. disposal toothbrushescan be reused for cleaning fun facts- did you know atoothbrush can be recycled?did you know the price range of a tooth brush is 10$? store toothbrushs factory garbage
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