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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Internet plays a crucial role in the professionalenvironment of an individual in India as 69% of the respondents have had an impact on theirprofessional opportunity as a result of poor/lackof connectivity in India India was given an A+ grade (A being the highest and F, the lowest) as the most satisfied country in the matter of connectivity satisfaction and Fgrades to U.K. and Japan 48% of the respondents blame it on securityconcerns as a reason why mobile connectivitycapability utilization is low India is prioritizing its connected activities in very different ways Social (56%), Entertainment (51%)followed by banking/professional (46%) while healthand safety has taken the least importance (16%) The advent of internet has changed the e-commerce experience of 50% of male respondents to a great extent vis-à-vis 44% of the female respondents Among the nine nations surveyed, India ranks secondbehind South Africa in the use of connected devicesfor professional and personal usage - and Japan last Over 58% of Indians are satisfied with thecurrent internet connection 70% of the female respondents have experienced a fundamental change in the way they do bankingthrough connectivity 55% of respondents have experienced a significant improvement in their earningpower due to connectivity in India Access to online education and resources is a priority for 63% of the respondents In India, 45% of people surveyed say that connectivityhas fundamentally changed how theyaccess textbooks, complete coursework or use teaching tools,compared with just 7% in Japan
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