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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DOG According to NASA, Saturn makes a complete rotation about every 10.7 hours, and it rotates the same direction as Earth does, just a lot faster It takes twenty-nine earth years 29.447498 Earth years Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets Astronomers with powerful telescopes discovered that Saturn actually has many rings made of billions of particles of ice and rock If you tried to walk on the surface of Saturn, you would fall into the planet, suffering higher temperatures and pressures until you were crushed inside the planet. Color Moon/Ring? composed of how long to orbit the sun Temp gravity? surface Although Saturn is much larger than Earth, its surface gravity is only a little more than the surface gravity on Earth. This is because Saturn is made up of gases and is not solid like Earth. This makes Saturn very light for its size. With an average temperature of minus 288 degrees Fahrenheit Size Saturn is 36,184 miles Saturn how long to turn around Saturn's atmospheric environment is one of strong gravity, high pressure, strong winds, from 225 miles per hour weather Mass: 568,319,000,000,000,000 billion kg Intresting fact Saturns distance from the Sun is 1.4 billion km. The exact number for Saturns average distance from the Sun is 1,433,449,370 km. Distance from the sun It's atmosphere has traces of ammonia, phosphine, water vapor, and hydrocarbons giving it a yellowish-brown color. discovery of the planet Galileo Galilei looked at Saturn through a telescope in the 1600s how does it rotate Saturn spins faster than any other planet except Jupiter, completing a rotation roughly every 10-and-a-half hours. interesting fact ! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally.Saturns moon Enceladus has water geysers. can it be viewed from earth?. Saturn is the farthest planet from Earth visible to the naked human eye,
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