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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] The Road to Being a Hero: Dr.King vs Perseus Martin Luther King Jr fought for all. He had no selfish reasoning unlike Perseuswho acted "heroically" to save his pride. Therfor Dr.king is more of a hero. 1. Perseus starts off on the island of Seriphos. Dr.King started off in Alabama. 12. Perseus lived a happy life with hismother and his wife Anderomeda. Dr.King was assassinated, but to this day his legacy lives on. 11. Perseus returns after hisjourney only to turn king Polydectes and his followersto stone. Dr.King makes one last motivational speech April 3, 1968. 9. The treasure that Perseus received wasMedusa's head. Dr.King's treasure wasfreedom for all men. 8. Medusa's sisters attack Perseus. On March 9, 1965 led a peacefulprocession of 2,500marchers. 7.Perseus enters the Gorgon's lair to slay Medusa. Dr.King was present at the 1963 demonstrationin downtown Birmingham, Alabama 6. Perseus had bothallies and enemies such as: Hermes, Athena, the gorgons,the graeae, and Polydectes.Dr.King also had allies : Bayard Rustin, Reinhold Niebbuhr, and John F. Kennedy. 5. Perseus first becamefully committed when he decided to go to the cave of the Graeae. Just as Dr.King first started when he becamethe leader of the MontgomeryBus Boycott. 4. Perseus had two mentors: Athena and Hermes. Dr.king's mentor was his father's friend Reinhold Niebbuhr. 2. Perseus get's sent to his adventure becauseof king Polydectes.Dr.King first starts with the Montgomery Bus Boycott. 3. Neither of them refuse the call to adventure. 10. Perseus meets a fairmaiden and saves her from a sea monster. Dr.King began to expand his civil rights movement to largerAmerican cities.
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