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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Judicial Branch The court session starts the1st monday in october andends the last sunday beforethat monday. The first time the supremecourt met was february 2ndof 1790 Court cases Around 7,500 cases are sent a year any where from 80-100 are heard4 of 9 justices have to agree to hear the caseAfter a case has been picked lowercourts surrender all info for the case, Then the court looks over the verdict Who are the justices? The chief justice is John G. Roberts, he's been a justice for 10 years, he was appointed by G. W. BushClarence Thomas has been there for 24 years, he was appointed by G. W. BushAntonin Scalia has been there for 29 years, He was appointed by ReganAnthony M. Kennedy has been there for 27 years, he was appointed by ReganRuth Bader Ginsburg has been there for 22 years, she was appointed by ClintonSonia Sotomayor has been there for 6 years, she was appointed by ObamaSteven G. Breyer has been there for 21 years, he wasappointed by ClintonSamuel A. Alito Jr has been there for 9 years, he wasappointed by G. W. BushElena Kagan has been there for 5 years, he was appointed by Obama About the justices tinker v. To become a chief justicethe president must nominateyou and then the senate will vote. If you become a justice you are there for life orretirement The top justice is called chief justice Nine justices sit on the supreme court
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