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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 23 994 presented3 882 taken16% completion rate20 questionsSampling: all US and UK buyers not using ad blocking software - 53% of orders placed. HOW? HOW? 29th Aug 2014 1st Client revert III Client revert 3 176 presented1 268 taken45% completion rate31 questions WHAT? January 2015 4th Sep 2014 The client faced the challenge of communicating the value-add proposition and effectiveness of scientific project managementto the participants from the real estate vertical at a prominent national level conference. ForeSee Community Survey 158 presented78 taken47% completion rate11 questions 9th Sep 2014 Client approves the contentClient feedback - 5 Stars WHEN? WHEN? A marketing services company with over 1000 marketing professionals, strategists and sales experts. Chairman & CEO: Subhakar RaoOwnership : Privately held since 1999Number of employees: 1,800Annual capitalized billings: USD 25 MillionLocations : USA, UK, Australia, IndiaSpecialty : End to end marketing services Customer Feedback Collection Process CHALLENGES 1. New client2. Dual purpose of the brochure - Event collateral + Branding3. Stringent timeline - 7 Working days for both Content and Design4. Cross functional competency demand5. Educating and promoting the concept of "Scientific Project Management" ForeSee Pop Up Survey Bizrate Point of Sale Survey 1234567891011121314151617181920 1234567891011 12345678910111213 ShopzillaFulfillmentSurvey 1 972 presented1 215 taken62% completion rate13 questions 2nd 3rd 1st 4th 500 surveys presented500 surveys taken1 question
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