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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Important Possessions Niamh Alison O'BrienAmerican Lit - F block2/26/15 Languages Family 3 Words to Describe Niamh Places Lived description here lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetur adipsicsing elit -Born Country Galway, Ireland-U.S.A New York-Minnesota-Sprue Harbor, Maine English - native -Astute-Resilient-self reliance Mom, Dad,GramMaisie Dominick, JamesDutchy Jim DalySarah MargaretBecca Niamh's most important possestion is her necklessthat her grandmother gave her when she was sixyears old. The neckless is a Claddagh, for Niamh itrepresents her love of her family and a way to remember them, because this is the last tie that she has with her family and the old world she usedto know. Thought the whole book this was one of the only things that did not changed as Niamh wouldmove from place to place or change names, she wouldalways keep the neckless. Niamh- Niamh is her birth name that she was given by her real family. Niamh means radiance, lustre, brightness. which shows how she was as a child with her real family.Dorothy- She was given this name after the Neilson took her in,they gave her that name because it was there daughters names who died, Niamh feels as if she has been reincarnated as there daughter.Vivian Daly- Is the last time Niamh changes her name, this time she does it because she marry's Dutchy's friend Jim. She is settling for a marriage of comfort rather than love, and that each time she changes her name she becomes less and less like the person she originally was. An empty shell of herself. Name
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