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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 He jovially pinchedhis students who cant answerhis queries. Jose Rizal He was born with a big head. In 1896, Rizal felt in love with an Irish girl named Josephine Bracken. He was a Hyperpolyglot. He mastered 22 languages and 3 dialects: 1. Filipino 14. Hebrew2. Ilokano 15. Dutch3. Bisayan 16. Catalan4. Subanon 17. Japanese5. Latin 18. Italian6. Spanish 19. Chinese7. Greek 22. Portugese8. English 23. Swedish 9. French 24. Russian 10. German11. Arabic12. Malay13. Sanskrit During his exile in Dapitan, he was able to establish a school, he had 21pupils who were never asked to pay fortuition but was required by Rizal to work for the community. Filipinos say that this must be the reason why he is very intelligent. Their love bear its fruit but Bracken gave birth to a one month premature baby boywho lived only for three hours. He was bullied as a kid. Rizal was too small for his age and made him a target of Pedros bullying, insulting Pepe in front of the otherstudents at the school of MaestroJustiniano Cruz. Equipped with hisUncle Miguels teachings about the artof wrestling, Rizal challenged Pedro to a fistfight. Rizal won and became popularas he proved himself a worthy opponent. Get to know the different sidesof our national hero. The child was buried in Dapitan, Bearing the name Francisco, after Rizals father. He was accepted as one of the few Renaissance man in the world. He was an anthropologist, ethnologist, ophthalmologist, novelist, sociologist, educator, economist,architect, engineer, sculptor, painter, playwright, historian, journalist, farmer, dramatist, martial artist, and a cartographer, among other things BUT HE KEPT HIS FEET ON THE GROUND UNTIL HIS LAST BREATH.
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