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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Jonestown Massacre What is the Jonestown Massacre? The Jonestown Massacre was a mass murder-suicide caused by Jim Jones, the Peoples Temple cult leader. The Peoples Temple The People's Temple of the Disciples of Christ, commonly shortened to Peoples Temple, was a New Religious Movement founded in 1955 by Jim Jones. Starting Out Jim Jones found a remote location in the South American country of Guyana, to make a town and stay away from the US government.The town was supposed to be a utopia. Not What They Expected It turns out that there weren't enough cabins to fit people, so it was cramped. The heat and humidity was too much and caused sickness, and citizens were forced to work up to 11 hours a day.Jim Jones would talk endlessly on a loudspeaker through the night,while the citizens would try to sleep through it.Some citizens wanted to leave,but Jones didn't want anyone to leave. Congressman Leo Ryan Visits After hearing reports of bad things happening in Jonestown, Congressman Leo Ryan decides to visit. He brought his advisor, an NBC film crew, and concerned relatives of the Peoples Temple members. During a big dinner a dance in the pavilion, a citizen passed a note with names of people who wanted to leave to one of the men from NBC. This showed that they were being held against their will. Rounding Up Ryan rounded up people who wanted to leave. Some were worried about Jones' reaction, so only a few accepted the offer. Airport Attack When they went to leave on a truck,Ryan went to check if anyone wanted to leave, when he was attacked by a Peoples Temple member. The member failed to cut Ran's throat, but the incident showed that they were in danger. Once they drove to the airport, a tractor and a trailer showed up filled with Peoples Temple members. The cult members started to shoot at them, and Congressman Leo Ryan was killed, as well as some of the other crew. Commiting Suicide Jim Jones panicked and forced his citizens to drink poison as a revolutionary act of suicide. Some did, while others didn't and were shot. He forced mothers to kill their babies as well. In the end, more than 900 people died. It was unknown if JIm Jones commited suicide or was shot. Some escaped into the jungle, but very few did. Conclusion These people were forced to live in Jonestown and commit suicide. Mothers had to kill their child or get shot. What would you have done?
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