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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1940 VS 2015 Life After School for African American males in the US 90% of African American males lived in the south in 1940 77% of AfricanAmerican males shared houses in 1940 In the 1940s, JIm Crowe laws were still in effect which prevented African Americans from voting and other citizen rights if they couldnt read which the many of them couldnt because of lack of education Does this make African Americans2nd class citizenseven after the civil war? English 2Ms. Melder Why Yes John,Although the northwon the Civil War,many African American Males were barred from"White collar jobs" So, what jobs did African Americans have in the 1940s 30% of all AfricanAmerican maleswere farmers In the year 1940,African American males averaged$537.45 a year whilewhites earned an average of $1234.41 a year... double of what the black males avereged 1940 2015 More African American males drop out of college thanany other minority Major cities such as D.C and San Diego are driving low incomeafrican americans out of their cities This is because apartment rents are increasing and african americansdont make enough money to sustain an apartment In the year 2015,black males averaged$32,372 a year whilewhites earned an average of $52,375... Although statistics have beengetting better, AfricanAmericans should be makingthe same amount as whitemales and shouldhave an equal graduationrate. Unemployment rateof African Americanmales in the USis %9, double the rateof white males Although the majorityof African Americansare not farmers,they still dont getthe same job oppurtunitiesas white males John Aitken
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